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I am a professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering. When our student team designs a special furniture structure, we need to analyze the physical and mechanical structure of furniture based on MDF and laminated wood. But when fixing between boards, you need to find a special buckle that can be opened and closed, and it is not easy to loosen. So, I searched on Google and found a BUTTONCARE in Hong Kong to help us design it. They are professional Snap Fastener Manufacturer around the world. It can be said with certainty that this is very good luck, because our project funds are very limited and the time is very short. I see their product line and custom snaps and prong snaps series. It is very useful, and there are many types.

Speaking of this special project, we chose MDF as the wood board because it is in great demand in the furniture industry. Commercially manufactured MDF panels are provided by local manufacturers. A 70 mm2 x 70 mm2 randomly cut sample was used to measure the density level of the MDF sample.

When the layer thickness is increased in surface treatment applications, it is expected that the surface hardness value will generally increase. According to the research results, there are significant differences when considering the interaction between paint and the number of layers. Therefore, for different types of coatings, different application thicknesses should be determined according to the expected performance of the surface treatment.

As a result of this project, the layer hardness value of the cellulose coating is higher than that of the polyurethane coating. On the other hand, in the impact deformation test, the value of polyurethane paint is higher than that of cellulose paint. This result is believed to be related to the flexibility of the polyurethane coating.

The results of previous projects indicate that the right application method needs to be used in the right place for high-quality surface coating applications. The waste value and cost of surface coating applications are the subject of discussion. Using fewer layers will shorten application time and reduce costs. They are still testing until they are certified.


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