Naruto: Reasons to watch this anime

por Carlos Garcia Lara (2021-12-02)

Naruto saw the light for the first time in September 1999, this of course in manga format, the good reception of its paper format made it not difficult to make the story of the hyperactive ninja reach the small screens in anime format, and since then, Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden have become one of the most iconic anime of recent years, not being of course a story free of criticism, and even of harsh and often unfair comparisons with other anime, especially with Dragon Ball, but the truth is that, in a market as competitive as the anime, being compared to Dragon Ball is not something that any mangaka can boast, and apart from these immature debates about which story is better, we prefer to tell you some reasons to watch the Naruto anime.

Story: The premise of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is somewhat more complex than other anime of the Shōnen genre. The series has a structure of events that is incredibly appealing, because apart from putting enemies to defeat them, in Naruto we are put in the background a series of military, political and even philosophical conflicts that make the story flow with a touch of the most interesting, never revealing the whole picture and keeping us in suspense about many things that are gradually revealed and showing how the whole story fits.

Fights: Of course we can't forget our inner child, and as for the fights, we can notice that the animation effort is in many cases outstanding, making many of the fights of this series to be cataloged as the most iconic of the anime. Despite this, we must emphasize that we do not have fights based simply on strength, but on strategy.

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Characters: The protagonists and antagonists in the series are quite interesting, and in many cases have a backstory that even overshadows the main thread of the story at times. The antagonists are not typically evil and motivated by power, but are motivated by different concepts of peace.


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