The King James Bible: history

por Carlos Garcia Lara (2021-07-02)

The most popular English Bible is undoubtedly the King James Version, which, as can be deduced from the context, was not the only, but the most influential one ever written in this language. In this article we tell you a little about its history.

In 1604, King James began his reign over England and Scotland. That same year, a new translation of the Bible was proposed at a conference in response to inconsistencies in previous translations, which represented a problem not only in terms of translation accuracy, but also in terms of understanding the biblical texts.

Derived from the above, in 1607 King James called 47 scholars who studied the biblical texts to work on a new translation of the sacred book. These almost 50 scholars were divided into 6 groups, three of these groups were in charge of the New Testament, 2 of the Old Testament and 1 of the apocryphal books. After some years of work, the King James Version was published in 1611.

The King James Bible had a remarkable impact, not only in ecclesiastical terms, but also in literary terms, influencing its lexicon and grammar in later works of famous writers. It was gradually adopted and by the 18th century was practically the de facto English translation of the Bible.

It is notable to note that the Bible remained largely unchanged until well into the 20th century, more specifically, until the late 1970s and early 1980s, when authoritative scholars took it upon themselves to render the King James Bible into more contemporary English, being more than a correction, an update of it to make it easier to read in today's English-speaking world. This update is called the new King James Bible.


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