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Multi factor authentication (MFA), increases account security by requiring multiple forms verification to prove your identity while signing in to an application. Only CU Boulder students, faculty, and staff are now able to securely log into Office 365 using MFA. Do you want to opt in to the use of MFA before it is rolled out across campus?  office.com/setup getting the installation product key 2021

To receive a text message, or phone call, register your phone number when you register for MFA. After registering your phone, you will be able to download the Microsoft Authenticate Mobile App. It allows you to easily login to your smartphone or smartwatch by simply clicking a button.

Upon next login to Office 365 you will be prompted for multi-factor authentication. Below is a screenshot. Step-by-step instructions to register can be found below by clicking Login using Phone Authentication. You can find more information in our Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ.

Which applications can I receive?

During the initial implementation of Office 365, all faculty, staff and students (alumni excluded at the moment) received the following applications:


  • Mobility. Work anywhere you want with trusted Office applications on PCs, Macs, and smartphones. And seamlessly transfer and work with Office documents from your device to the online environment or locally.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with teammates, partners, and customers with documents that are always up to date and accessible from almost anywhere.
  • Communication: Microsoft Teams serves your communication needs, making it easy to see when someone is available, connect via instant message, audio or video calls and host online meetings.
  • Content management: SharePoint Online allows you to easily set up and maintain online communities, blogs and wikis. You can also create customized forms and manage content.
  • Exchange Online. Access email and schedules anywhere you are with enterprise-grade email. Shared calendars keep everyone in sync. Also, you can move up 50 GB quotas.
  • Free Software CU Boulder Faculty, Staff and Students can get the latest Microsoft Office software free of charge through the Office 365 ProPlus Program. visit: www.office.com/myaccount


To ensure that university records comply with federal and state laws, the Office of Information Technology follows CU’s Retention of University Records policy APS 2006. Office 365 complies with these standards. For more information, 

  • Retention of University Records - APS 2006: Establishes university processes and principles regarding the retention and disposition of all university records.
  • CU Boulder Records Retention Schedule : Records based on this Retention Schedule will be retained by the Office of Information Technology. www.office.com/setup find the office download subscription key


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