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Webroot scans the device automatically every day, on the same time when you installed the software. But if the user wants to change the scan schedule then you must read this blog. For help, go to

Method To Change the Scan and Optimization Schedule in Webroot:

  • First, you have to open the Webroot interface just by clicking on the Webroot icon which is in the menu bar. Then, from the drop-down menu you should select Open Webroot SecureAnywhere.
  • Now from the menu bar, you should select Webroot SecureAnywhere and then click on Preferences.

Remember, you can access scan schedule just by clicking on the Advanced Settings button from the main interface.

  • Here, in the Preferences window which is in the left side of the screen you should select Scan Schedule.
  • From the following settings, you should select the checkbox to enable it or you can deselect the checkbox to disable it.

Enable Scheduled Scans: Just select the checkbox, and then enter the scan frequency and time in the fields.

Enable Scheduled System Optimization: You can select the checkbox and then enter scan frequency and the time in the fields.

Scan immediately at startup if SecureAnywhere misses a scheduled scan: This will launch a scheduled scan within an hour when you turn on your Mac. But if you deselect this checkbox, then SecureAnywhere will ignores missed scans.

Don't perform scheduled scans when on battery power: This will helps to conserve battery power. But if you deselect this checkbox, then scans process will run when your Mac is disconnected from a power source.

Don't perform scheduled scans when a full screen application or game is open: This will ignores the scheduled scans if you are viewing a full-screen application, like movie or a game. But if you deselect this checkbox to scheduled scans, then this will run anyway.

Here, you should click on the Reset Scan Schedule button or click on the Reset All button. At last, you need to click on the Close button in order to save the new settings.

For more information about Webroot scan, visit to the site via




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