How do I deal with printer not responding glitch?

por baron corrz (2020-09-09)

While printing job, I am getting printer not responding glitch. When I apply a correct printing command to my printer, my printer machine refuses to print the documents. I am doing all right things with my printer, even my printing machine is not responding properly. Why is my printer not printing the documents? I don’t have ideas about this matter. It has become a complicated matter for me, hence I have trapped in this serious situation. I am unable to repair my printer, so I can’t work on my printer. As per my technical skills, I am using all options to solve this issue, but no results. I don’t have technical capability of dealing with printer not responding error. I think that I am missing something technical, so I have become a victim of this error. I have checked all things, even I am not able to catch the right reason of this issue. Could anyone suggest the right ways to resolve printer not responding issue?


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