por mostafa shaban (2021-08-23)

 How to choose the best online Quran classes:

There are some standards and requirements that you have to take into consideration when trying to look for the best Online Quran classes.

Here are some practical tips and pieces of advice. 

Let’s dive in 

Tip #1 Hire a professional native Arab online Quran tutors:  

In order to make sure you are joining the best online Quran classes, the selection criteria of the online Quran tutor should be very precise and strict according to the following requirement:

  • You should learn Quran online with a native Arabic teacher in order to copy his accurate pronunciation, fluent and natural recitation. 
  • He should be certified with an Ijazah which ensures that you will learn holy Quran online with a Quran teacher who is able to recite the Quran exactly same way prophet Muhammad used to recite it. 
  • His style of Quran teaching should be very unique and aware of the most practical tips of learning the Quran online in order to help you learn Quran easier and faster with accurate pronunciation. 
  • While learning Quran from scratch till you become fluent in reciting the Quran, he should be having vey amazing makharij, tajweed,, recitation, and Arabic pronunciation throughout all of the online Quran learning classes you are taking.
  • He should be using the most modern technology; Powerpoint slides, educational games, 3D versions, etc. That would definitely help you learn Quranic Arabic in a very engaging and interactive way. 
  •  He should be able to create the best motivational learning environment for all the Quran classes online in order to help him to get the utmost benefit out of each Quran class. 
Tip #2 Must have a structured online Quran learning plan:

Having a well-structured Online Quran learning plan for all of the Quran courses you are taking is very crucial. It will benefit you too much with the following points: 

  1. You will be able track your Quranic Arabic classes and be able to keep track of your Quranic learning progress throughout the whole journey. 
  2. You will be able to know how many Tajweed lessons are left so that you practice all the Quran Tajweed rules while reciting with your teacher in an online Quran recitation course.
  3. Being happy and engaged when learning the Quran is one of the most important success elements. You will not ever lose hope throughout your Quran learning journey since you are always motivated and passionate towards your online Quran reading lessons
Tip #3 Get a feedback and tests form your Quran tutor regularly:

Evaluating your level consistently by the Quran tutor will help you figure out your weakness and mistakes in your Quran recitation. 

Then, you will get a good chance of improving your Quranic Arabic reading and recitation of the Quran. 

Knowing more details regarding your current level in the Quran will definitely help you learn Quranic Arabic online faster. 

Tip #4 Understand the most frequent Quranic Arabic words:

Learning Arabic to understand the Quran is a blessing from Allah SWT. That’s why we should strive to learn the language and terms of the Quran through a well-structured online Quranic Arabic course

Note: Learning the Standard Arabic language ( Fus-ha ) is totally different, since the expressions of the Quran, and grammar takes more time to learn. 

So, stay patient with learning the Quranic Arabic and enjoy every single moment you are spending with the book of Allah, it’s message, terminologies, beauty of the Quranic Arabic expressions and much more. 

Try to use the most frequent 400 Quranic Arabic words ( they represent 75% of all the Quranic words ) in your day to day conversation, and use them also in your online Quranic Arabic lessons with your Arabic teacher. 


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